PilotOnline.com Gets On Board With Online Advertising Solutions

The site, owned by Landmark Media Enterprises, is now running Dynamic Web Ads in both the real estate and automotive categories.

PilotOnline.com has taken advantage of AdPerfect’s Dynamic Trigger Technology to make ad unit inventory relevant to the consumer, increasing the likelihood that qualified leads will be generated.

The Dynamic Web Ads have been met with much success thus far; real estate click-through rates are well above industry standard with some as high as 0.186% while several automotive ads are seeing an outstanding 0.2% click-through rate.

“Pilot Online’s deployment of the Dynamic Web Ads was one of the strongest we’ve seen right out of the gate,” says Maggie Concannon, Publisher Services Manager at AdPerfect. “They’ve really taken the product and ran with it– utilizing all of the features available to them to make the best ads possible. We’re thrilled with the success they’ve experienced thus far, and look forward to seeing it continue.”