Sarasota Herald Tribune Launches AdPerfect Commercial Liners Solution

AdPerfect is pleased to add Sarasota Herald Tribune to our growing publisher list. With Integrated Media Solutions’ Commercial Liner Ads, publishers can eliminate manual in-print classified ad order entry in high volume classified verticals. Leveraging live online databases, AdPerfect’s unique and powerful composing engine can quickly and easily create hundreds of classified ads, precision-built to numerous copy and typesetting rules and requirements.

Advertisers simply choose from a variety of publisher-controlled advertising packages, indicate the preferred insertion schedule, and then choose from a list of inventory that is automatically synchronized from online sources. AdPerfect’s Commercial Liner Ad solution then builds the print ads to the correct number of lines using configurable ad copy preferences, tailored to the advertisers’ needs. Ads use the fonts, H&J, print mechanicals and image processing parameters to match the newspaper classified system output.

Ad previews are generated in real-time with live updates as the advertiser modifies choices in the ad creation process. Enhancement opportunities ensure monetization is maximized with photos, borders, fonts, shading and attention getting logos. Rating is comprehensive with AdPerfect’s enhanced rating engine, allowing publishers to match the sophisticated rating control commercial advertisers are familiar with.

“Publishers can expect to save many hours in manual data entry using this solution,” noted AdPerfect President and CTO, Steve Kump. “This tedious, error-prone process has been eliminated and replaced with a highly efficient solution for high volume advertisers that extends our existing industry-leading self-serve platform encompassed within the Classified Advertising Solution.”

For information on AdPerfect’s Commercial Liner Ad solutions or to arrange a demo, contact AdPerfect Sales at 1-866-475-0555 today.