Self-Serve Display Ads Are Now Available With AdPerfect’s Classified Advertising Solution Version 2.3

Existing CAS customers received a complimentary upgrade of CAS Version 2.3 and benefit from the enhanced self-serve application, which is even more consumer-friendly and offers additional ways for monetization.

Over 150 new features were added to CAS with this release. In developing Version 2.3, AdPerfect focused on two main areas: 1) Creating more monetization opportunities to help drive revenue for publishers and 2) Improving promotional opportunities for advertisers. Significant features to note include enhancements that improve the creative presentation of the application, improved efficiency in the order entry process, and additional custom controls on data entry. These features make it even easier for advertisers to place the best possible ads in print and online.

Additionally, AdPerfect improved integration between CAS and the Online Advertising Solutions (OAS) platform. The enhanced integration provides private-party advertisers the opportunity to create highly visible online ad units, Spotlight Ads, that publishers can easily distribute on their site or elsewhere. This integration creates both a value added upsell for advertisers and a traffic building opportunity for publishers’ classifieds.

Aside from feature enhancements, Version 2.3 adds a fourth component to CAS — Display Ads. CAS Display Ads are large-format, fixed dimension, creative ads for print. CAS Display Ads offer a controlled yet flexible display ad solution for publishers wanting to offer large-format ads to private-party or contract advertisers in any classified category. Publishers can design and configure the Display Ad styles in the web-based administrative interface and make them available for advertisers on a package-by-package basis. As with all CAS functionality, publishers have complete control over how CAS Display Ads are offered to advertisers. “Self-Serve Display Ads eliminate the time consuming proof/revision process in areas where these types of ads are common, for example small business and celebrating advertisers. Not only are production costs reduced for publishers, but Self-Serve Display Ads generate new revenue streams in categories that were otherwise unavailable or cost prohibitive for the self-serve advertiser,” said Tim Fimmers, Director of Technology & Development.

AdPerfect releases upgraded versions of CAS on a quarterly basis to provide its customers with the most relevant technology. For more information on CAS, please contact AdPerfect’s sales department.