AdPerfect Releases Online Advertising Solutions Version 2

“With OAS Version 2, we certainly expect advertiser participation to increase. This will not only decrease publisher administrative costs but generate more revenue for publishers,” said Steve Kump, President & CTO.

OAS Version 2 focused on improving the usability of the already user-friendly administrative interface and enhanced the flexibility of ad configuration. One key improvement of OAS Version 2 is the link override per ad feature. The link override feature allows advertisers to determine which links are included in their ads. Previously, ad unit templates were configured at the publisher level and every advertiser had to use the default link titles and destinations. But now, advertisers can override the link titles and destinations during the ad creation process. “This feature gives advertisers greater flexibility. Many advertisers were asking for the ability to customize additional settings so we definitely expect advertiser satisfaction to increase with this release,” said Maggie Concannon, OAS Product Manager.

Other key features to OAS Version 2 include bulk ad tag creation and graphic upload during ad creation. With the bulk ad tag creation feature, publishers can assign multiple ads to one ad tag. This means that publishers can run the ad anywhere throughout their site and the ads assigned to it will rotate through. The graphic upload feature allows advertisers to upload a graphic, for example their logo, while creating their ad. Before Version 2, advertisers had to pre-upload graphics they wanted to use in their ads. By allowing advertisers to upload graphics during creation, the process is even more streamlined and easy.

OAS Version 2 has various other enhancements, if you are interested in learning more about OAS please contact our sister company, Speed Shift Media.

AdPerfect continues to develop the Online Advertising Solutions platform to provide its customers with the most innovative and relevant technology.