Generating A New Classified Revenue Stream For Your Publication

AdPerfect’s Marketplace Directories solution offers publishers an innovative solution to traditional print in-column agate ads.

Marketplace Directories is a classified advertising solution for your commercial advertisers that extends their reach across three mediums: print, online, and mobile.

The print component is a consumer-friendly directory with a call-to-action driving print consumers online where they can view more vehicle details and fill out lead forms. The online component is a companion web page that features print-inventory online. The online companion page is powered by AdPerfect and housed within the newspaper’s site.

AdPerfect also offers a mobile companion page, which is like the online companion page but optimized for display and use on smart phones. The mobile companion page is in the initial development phase but can be used by any existing or new customer. Being optimized for smart phones, consumers now have the ability to search the vehicles they viewed in print conveniently on their phone.

Both the online companion page and the mobile web page link directly to the originating vehicle on your third party data vendor’s site (ex., generating qualified leads for your dealers.

By integrating print, online & mobile you extend your dealers reach but more importantly AdPerfect can track consumer activity derived solely from the print directory. AdPerfect measures ad effectiveness and provides you and your dealers with reports showcasing the results. Reporting data are aggregated across the local market to gain insight to the buying habits of the local consumer. Your sales reps can now provide dealers with comprehensive reports on consumer interest and activity resulting directly from classified print advertising.

Dealers choose to actively or passively participate in the production of Marketplace Directories. They can make their own vehicle selections or have the AdPerfect inventory selection engine automatically make selections for them, based on their preset preferences. Additionally, Marketplace Directories has built-in relationship management features, so maintaining relationships with your dealers is easy. Dealers are automatically emailed reminder emails and visual advertising summaries called run sheets. Run sheets are convenient 8.5′ x 11′ PDFs summarizing the dealers weekly vehicle selections.