AdPerfect Attends Editor & Publisher’s Interactive Media Conference

Will AdPerfect be seeing you in Las Vegas?

This is the first year that AdPerfect is participating in the Interactive Media Conference and looks forward to sharing our innovative advertising solutions with all attendees.

AdPerfect will be demonstrating our Online Advertising Solution — Dynamic Web Ads. Dynamic Web Ads are inventory-driven, rich media ads that behaviourally target consumers. Ad units contain multiple inventory listings all within one branded ad unit. Using five types of dynamic targeting technology, Dynamic Web Ads present the most relevant inventory to consumers. Consumers are shown the the right ad at the right time, the right inventory at the right time, and the BEST of the right inventory at the right time.“We are excited to demonstrate how Dynamic Web Ads behaviourally target consumers and how they can generate new revenue for publishers,” said Trisha Snow, AdPerfect, Director of Sales.

Dynamic Web Ads are the highlight of AdPerfect’s exhibit; however, AdPerfect has various other classified advertising solutions that seamlessly integrate with Dynamic Web Ads. AdPerfect specializes in integrating print ads with online & mobile ads — offering publishers a complete bundled solution to help win a larger share of advertisers’ wallets.

If you would like to schedule a Dynamic Web Ad demo, or a demo of any of our other solutions,please contact or call toll free at 1.866.475.0555.

Stop by booth 213 and receive a free USB flash drive or ask for a live demo.

See you there!