Newsrooms and Technology

August 17, 2018 Within the last 3 years, our online interactions have experienced a big shift. The rise of machine learning and personal assistants have changed the expectations for online access to information and news. Users now expect that their online experience will be fully personalized. They want to know trends and news that are [...]

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The online Guestbook – features and benefits for obituaries

August 10, 2018 Publishing any news or story online is always met with comments and sentiments by friends and strangers alike. Some stories go viral and all remain online for family, friends, acquaintances and others to marvel at. But when it comes to publishing obituaries online, the guestbook serves a deeper purpose than just comments. [...]

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Digital Era of Storytelling

August 3, 2018 Stories have been around a long time and have always been used to share information and knowledge before writing came along. Everyone had to be a good listener to remember and recall the details. Stories travelled with them everywhere and passed down from generation to generation. Now being able to record stories, [...]

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How to avoid Fake News

July 27, 2018 More links online are being distributed that seem questionable. Most people do not necessarily check what they are sharing. In increasing numbers, social media posts are full of misleading information through simple content and catchy images. Not only that, readers tend to easily accept articles that are in line with their own [...]

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Online News Consumption

July 24, 2018 With technological advancements, news quality, consumption and distribution are also being influenced. Any kind of information is shared instantaneously online in social media or via email through simple links, most times without showcasing the publisher. How does this affect the news industry? Take a look at some important traits and habits on today's modern [...]

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Spot Fake News Better and Faster

July 12, 2018 Fake news such as propaganda, hoaxes and misinformation has been around for a long time. While the way we consume information and news has continued to change and evolve with the rise of portable device penetration and usage. According to Pew Research Center, people under age 50 get half of their news [...]

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Online Sharing and Blogging Trends

July 10, 2018 The internet is big and vast. Online sharing is massive. Blogging is very popular. Below we put together some main statistics and trends that show how important and powerful online sharing and blogging has become.  

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The Evolution of Online Obituaries

July 5, 2018 When we think of the last words we would want to describe our loved one’s life or our own life story, the focus is to be on celebrating piety and good character. But with the turn of the new century, life stories are being described by verbs and adjectives as the main [...]

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Personalization in Customer Experiences

June 19, 2018 Personalization seems to a new buzz word around marketing to hyperconnected consumers. The statistics focused on in this infographic zero in on points that showcase the success, frustration and failure of marketing campaigns when it comes to reaching your audience and their expectations. Take a moment to see what can make a difference [...]

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Trends in Real Estate Classifieds

June 15, 2018 Renters and home-buyers more than ever research and learn about the real estate industry online. This means that realtors and property management firms need to spend more of their marketing efforts and energy on digital advertising solutions and tools. This will ensure a more increased return on their investment. When deciding on [...]

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