AdPerfect’s Classified Advertising Solution is a comprehensive and configurable print and online classified solution designed to generate maximum revenue for media publishers.

Use the solution for transient and contract ad placement and promotion of online, print liner, and print display ads for any classified vertical. You can power your entire classified marketplace with this one web-based solution.


Why AdPerfect’s Classified Advertising Solution?




Self-Serve Order Entry

Use the Self-Serve Order Entry to let advertisers place and create their own ads 24/7. Transient and contract advertisers can create print liner, print display, and online ads in one single placement process and with each ad type handled according to its respective needs. Publishers monetize though AdPerfect’s fleet of standard and unique upsells and proactive prompts.

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Use the Print-To-Online component to feed ads originating in your classified call center to your Online Marketplace. Advertisers can upgrade their basic call center ads to proper enhanced online ads, while publishers increase monetization.

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Online Marketplace

Use the Online Marketplace to present all classified listings in one place on your publication’s website. Advertisers are provided a place to promote their ads and buyers a place to easily search and shop for items of interest.

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