Become the destination classified site for your community.

Online Marketplace presents your publication’s classified listings in one place on your website. Your advertisers are provided a place to promote their ads and buyers a place to easily search & shop for items of interest. Online Marketplace employs various monetization tactics and site optimization strategies for maximum publisher value.

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Why AdPerfect’s Online Marketplace?

  • Hyper-local approach to online classifieds
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Faceted search
  • Mobile optimization
  • Social media integration, including Facebook application
  • Customizable to your brand & strategy
  • Numerous monetization opportunities
  • Hosted by AdPerfect
  • Full access to site’s source code
  • Opportunity to run creative web ads within
  • Reporting through AdPerfect metrics or publisher site analytics
  • Syndication of ads to other sites for increased reach
  • Aggregation if desired



How It Works – For Your Advertisers


AdPerfect feeds ads from Self-Serve Order Entry, or any other ad taking system, and displays them on your marketplace site to increase your advertisers’ exposure.

When used in conjunction with Self-Serve Order Entry, Online Marketplace offers numerous ad enhancement opportunities through online-only upsells, letting your advertisers differentiate their ads and make them stand out. Advertisers can display more photos, additional text, and purchase online enhancements like the featured ad, top ad, attention getters, spotlight ads, and more.

Lead generation forms and share functions (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, email a friend) can be enabled with every ad, making it easy for buyers to contact your advertisers or share the ad. Your advertisers ads are easily found by potential buyers through features like SEO and faceted search.

How It Works – For Your Readers


Online Marketplace is intuitive and easy to use. Through features like multi-category configuration and faceted search, buyers can easily find items of interest. Plus, the logical presentation of content and friendly labeling makes for a straightforward user experience.

Online Marketplace enables SEO, helping readers find items listed on your Online Marketplace when searching via a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing). SEO also increases traffic to your publication’s classified site and verticals.

How It Works – For Your Publication


Online Marketplace is configurable to your publication’s business needs, strategy, and brand. It has a flexible template management system that controls the look-and-feel of your classified site on a category-by-category and/or publication-by-publication basis. Using a built-in versioning system, you can test templates before implementation and even schedule pre-designed promotional templates (e.g. holiday themes) that can run for a selected period and automatically revert back to the default template afterwards.

Integration with Self-Serve Order Entry provides multiple publisher benefits including the ability to make system updates faster and easier. Instead of working with multiple vendors or making updates across multiple systems, everything is handled at once by AdPerfect. Since numerous online-only ad enhancements can be offered during the AdPerfect-powered order entry process, publishers can further monetize and increase revenue through integration of the two components.

Publishers increase revenue and extend functionality with features like:
  • Mapping
  • Social media distribution
  • Sponsored ad
  • Featured ad
  • Highlight ad
  • Spotlight ad
  • Top ad
  • Bump ad
  • Online graphics & attention getters
  • Keyword upsells
  • And more


AdPerfect’s Online Marketplace is flexible, offering options for implementation. You can choose a hyper-local marketplace, aggregated marketplace, or an aggregated and localized marketplace. The choice is yours. Learn more here