Achieve your business goals with the flexibility to choose.

AdPerfect’s Online Marketplace is flexible and offers options for implementation, letting you create a marketplace that meets your business goals & strategy. Online Marketplace options include:

  • Hyper-local
  • Aggregated
  • Localized and aggregated

A hyper-local marketplace

A hyper-local marketplace within AdPerfect means content displayed on your marketplace site is specific to one geographic region, community, or publication. Listings taken through self-serve and your call center can be displayed. A hyper-local marketplace promotes community, displaying highly relevant content to your local user.

An aggregated marketplace

An aggregated marketplace within AdPerfect means content from various publications or vendors is collected and combined for display on one marketplace site. This helps build a content-heavy classified site and critical mass. Publishers typically choose an aggregated marketplace if they are building a centrally branded classified site with content coming from multiple publications. This is typical for community publishing groups (example here) or media associations building a central marketplace site made up of classifieds ads from participating publisher members (example here).

AdPerfect can aggregate content from various sources including:

  • Sister or partner publications
  • Third party data vendors
  • Any related data feed

AdPerfect may also be able to backfill your marketplace with relevant classified content. Contact to learn more.

A localized and aggregated marketplace

Aggregation coupled with localization lets your publication build a content-heavy classified site, which will attract users, as well as target and display content to the user based on their geographic location, community, or defined search region. Content is displayed in order of most relevant based on a user’s given location or the referring site. For example: Your Online Marketplace contains ads from your five community publications. The user is referred to the marketplace site from MarketA, so classified listings from MarketA are displayed first, and then the user is presented listings from the other publications.

Working in conjunction with geographic targeting based on IP, this approach lets publishers focus content based on a community or geographic location and provides relevant listings to your readers.

With trusted local content, publishers are well positioned to provide a hyper-local marketplace and through aggregation can take back revenue from competing online disruptors.


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