Transform print call center ads to enhanced online ads.

For those advertisers who place ads through your classified call center, AdPerfect offers the Print-To-Online component. Print-To-Online lets you monetize print call center ads by letting advertisers enhance the online version of their recently placed ad.

Why AdPerfect’s Print-To-Online?

  • Increase revenue through further monetization
  • Strengthen advertiser satisfaction
  • Feed ads to Online Marketplace and other online verticals instantly
  • Follow up & thank customers for ad placement automatically
  • Tailor messages to advertiser & ad type



How It Works

Upon call center ad placement, AdPerfect creates a web account for advertisers based on their email address. Advertisers are then automatically sent an email thanking them for placing their ad. This email also prompts the advertiser to follow a link to enhance the online version of their ad for proper online display and provides the account and log in credentials to do so. This means advertisers can add more photos, additional copy, and online-only ad enhancements like the featured ad upsell.

The content of the email is controlled by you and on a classification-by-classification basis so each email message makes sense to each specific advertiser. The enhancements that are available, free, and incur a cost through Print-To-Online are determined on a package basis with each ad attached to a defined package.

Print-To-Online provides an opportunity for you to further monetize call center ads with additional online upsells that were not successfully sold or were simply unavailable through the call center.


For more information please request a demo.