Let your advertisers place and create their own ads 24/7.

Self-Serve Order Entry is an industry leading, online ad taking and creation platform. Helping publishers monetize ad placement, decrease production & operation costs, and streamline workflows, Self-Serve Order Entry is the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and flexible system available today.

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Advertiser types supported:

  • Transient, private-party advertisers
  • Contract advertisers, for example funeral home directors,
    property managers, and employment agencies

Ad types supported:

  • Print liner ads
  • Various-size print display ads
  • Mulit-platform online ads


Each ad type is handled according to its respective needs and is optimized for the medium on which it’s to be displayed. For print ads, AdPerfect’s powerful composing engine generates real-time print ad previews that match your publication’s classified output specifications, using your print mechanicals, fonts, H&J, and formatting rules.

For more information on ad types please download this PDF.


Why AdPerfect’s Self-Serve Order Entry?


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