Varick Foster - Founder, DirectorVarick Foster – Founder, Director

Co-founding Digital Motorworks in 1995, Varick helped make it the largest integrator of automotive retail data in the U.S. and Canada. As an AdPerfect Director Varick oversees AdPerfect’s actives, guiding the company’s strategic decisions and ensuring AdPerfect’s solutions help its customers achieve their growth objectives. Varick holds a BA in Economics from Boston University.


Steve Kump - Founder, Director Steve Kump – Founder, Director

Before Co-founding AdPerfect, Steve spent ten years successfully pioneering the reverse publishing industry and online advertising applications for print and online media companies. Steve led the growth of AdPerfect by heading the strategic development of AdPerfect’s technology. Steve is committed to the continuous development of best-in-class applications that provide AdPerfect’s clients with highly measurable results and maximum innovative value. As an AdPerfect Director Steve jointly governs AdPerfect, overseeing overall business practices and objectives.



Tim Fimmers - General ManagerTim Fimmers – General Manager

In his role as General Manager of AdPerfect, Tim oversees the day-to-day operations of AdPerfect ensuring business goals and objectives are successfully achieved. Tim uses his critical thinking and analytical skills to make strategic decisions that benefit all stakeholders. Committed to developing innovative and revenue-generating solutions, Tim uses his over 15 years of industry experience to provide solutions that meet customer needs while encouraging a collaborative team environment.


Jessie Hart - Implementation ManagerJessie Hart – Implementation Manager

Having a diverse, project-driven background, Jessie effectively leads AdPerfect implementations. Her results-oriented mindset and a special talent for managing complex systems ensures AdPerfect projects are well implemented and customer needs are always met. Jessie understands each customer has different goals and requirements and is dedicated to delivering a solutions-based and consultative approach to every project. By bringing together priorities and expectations, Jessie and her team manage AdPerfect implementations with diligence and care.


Darrin Winning – Customer Support Manager

Darrin brings over 10 years experience supporting customers in a technical environment to his role as Customer Service Manager. Leading AdPerfect’s technical support team, Darrin is dedicated to identifying and implementing improvements to help customers better use AdPerfect solutions. Utilizing his prioritization skills, Darrin provides responsive, best-in-class technical support that helps customers increase their ROI and streamline workflows.


The Team

To ensure our customers receive reliable, relevant technology and quality customer service, AdPerfect has a team of dedicated people with years of industry experience. AdPerfect’s strong and highly skilled teams are made up of: product, development, engineer, implementation, operations, sales, marketing, client services, creative, and support teams.