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Digital Game Changers 2018

December 20, 2018 As we close another year of online and digital growth, it is important to take a quick look at some of the game changers that will impact 2019. It was shared by many industry leaders that social analysis would be big as access to data and data driven marketing would be vital [...]

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Leverage digital platforms like an expert

December 14, 2018 While technology developments have now been around for some years and new upgrades are constantly on the rise, consumers are also getting better and faster in keeping up. Some of these developments include blockchain technology, predictive consumerism, artificial intelligence, retail in the age of everything Amazon and augmented reality.This marks the importance [...]

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Local Storytelling with Online Obituaries

November 28, 2018 Celebrating the life of a family member or friend is the last parting gift we can offer. There are many ways to honor and celebrate, including private family events or spreading the ashes at sea with a boat party. Writing and sharing their life story with communities where they have lived through [...]

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Many Uses of Stories Online

November 8, 2018 Social storytelling has evolved in the last year. Nearly all communication and social apps are now offering options for any user to share their moments and events throughout the day. There are now also several ways even companies can tell and narrate their brand story in a more personable way. We took a look [...]

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Storytelling in Brand Communication

October 3, 2018 It is interesting that no matter how many changes and advances our culture goes through, the fact that stories still resonate the most with every person has never changed. Every human decision, no matter how logical or practical or systematic, is always influenced by emotion. Numbers and statistics show what the facts [...]

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Blurring lines between Blogs and Video

September 21, 2018 We don't get information just from one source and depending on the content, blogs or videos are preferred. From relevant and professional content to product and how-to videos, here are some statistics to consider.

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Video & Audio Journalism – the Instant, Omnipresent Journalism

September 19, 2018 Since the invention of televisions, visual consumption of news and stories has never ceased to engage audiences. With technology, all screens and devices from cell phone to tablets to watches, now offer photo, video and audio engagement at the reach of our fingers, at any time. Video content is becoming the main [...]

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Drone Technology & Usage

September 3, 2018 Over the next few years, it seems commercial and consumer demand will continue to build around drone usage. From taking photography for hiking trips to weddings; from aerial shots and damage assessment to natural disasters, drones seem to offer great benefits. We gathered some interesting insights from industry research.    

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What about Drones and Newsrooms?

August 27, 2018 Discussions around drones entering the journalism industry has been around for a while. The shift in using different tools to capture and share news instantaneously, as the online experience evolves, has been rapid in the last few years. Utilizing social media, live video posts and artificial intelligence seems easier compared to using [...]

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Marketing and Sales Automation

August 21, 2018 Most businesses handle marketing and sales on their own, internally. Resources are stretched thin when all aspects of the business have to be covered as well. It seems technology can do more to multiply your efforts than we think. Here are some interesting statistics on CRM and sales technology.

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