The Evolution of Classifieds

December 4, 2017 If you wanted to buy a second hand car 25 years ago, the most common and efficient way to do that would be by collecting the local paper from the doorstep, sitting on the couch and browsing the classified’s section until a particular Ford Mustang caught your eye. The process would then [...]

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

November 20, 2017 - Artificial intelligence has arrived, and most people are adopting it into their lives. Most likely, in some capacity, you’re probably already using it. Whether you’re asking Siri to play your favourite songs or Alexa to tell you the current weather, AI is there in the background, thinking about things so that you don’t [...]

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Will Amazon Echo, Google Home and AI impact the journalism industry?

November 15, 2017 Demand has been rising over the last 5 years for a personalized computer you can integrate into your home to help you with chores, queries and even conversation. Hollywood has always promoted the idea; ‘Her’, ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘2001: Space Odyssey’ all highlight the benefits of having the perfectly intelligent robot to [...]

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The Power of Social Media

November 6, 2017 - Each social media platform is different and we took a step back to examine 3 specific platforms that play a strong role in news and information consumption. Whether it be videos, photos or content, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter have some interesting statistics.  

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How fake news is creating profits

October 26, 2017 During the Presidential Election of 2016, the term ‘Fake News’ emerged as one of the biggest threats to modern journalism to date. Donald Trump brought the issue into the public eye during his campaign by attaching the label to both CNN and The New York Times after allegations of coordinating with Russia [...]

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