Artificial Intelligence Marketing

June 12, 2019 With Google and Amazon investing more and more in artificial intelligence, there is still a lot of expectations and hype around the upcoming developments in technology. Although no one for sure can confidently forecast or speculate where the industry stands on this, we looks at some interesting numbers and stats.

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Ethical Advertising in the Intelligent Era

June 10, 2019 Online interactions are not only redefining how we receive and gather information, but also our definitions of ethics online are also being redefined. Majority of consumers now believe that using data to personalize ads is unethical. According to research, 59% believe that personalization to create tailored newsfeeds -- precisely what Facebook, Twitter, [...]

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Online Classifieds in 2019

June 5, 2019 According to recent research from the Online Classifieds Industry Report, 56.9% of companies are confirming that they plan to launch new products or services, while 58.6% planning to hire new staff in the next year and even, 38% plan to modify their business model in the next 3-5 years. This shows an optimistic and [...]

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Classifieds isn’t dead, it’s getting smarter.

May 27, 2019 Online classifieds advertising, although mostly underappreciated, is now a dynamic category with constant challenges for the future, such as rise of new players and big data. Traditionally newspaper publishers would provide the bulk of all classifieds advertising, especially the employment, automotive and real estate advertisements. But following the shift toward online, classifieds [...]

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Live Online Engagement in 2019

May 9, 2019 Online engagement is now instantaneous and live, and here to stay. All stats show where the industry is heading and what we should be on the lookout for down the road. Publishers and small businesses alike, need to consider live online engagement as one of their main strategies.

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3 Revenue Strategies to Try in 2019

April 26, 2019 With the second quarter of 2019 well underway, there’s still an opportunity to develop additional growth strategies for this year, but it will take a well thought out plan to execute. There are several areas you can choose for growth, however this article covers three very specific steps that can prove to [...]

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Current Trends in the Digital Culture

April 5, 2019 In the current highly saturated digital and technology landscape, many trends are constantly declared radical and innovative in hopes that it gives market advantage. But maybe sometimes they are just old ideas that are revamped for changing needs. Here we consider some current trends that demand our attention in 2019.  

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The Digital Culture Matters

April 1, 2019 Many publishers are now in a race to digitally transform their businesses to better meet the changing needs and demands of their advertisers. Although there is a lot of enthusiasm, the challenge is not about getting the mobile devices, software or platforms, but how newsrooms and teams process and adapt to the [...]

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Millennial Online Preferences

March 19, 2019 From this year forward, Millennials will form the largest generation in history and they are in their prime stage of spending and investing in their lives. Reshaping many industries, from online shopping to learning and accessing information, Millennials will force companies and governments to revamp and reevaluate how they communicate and do [...]

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Millennials News Consumption

March 12, 2019 Access to news is uninterrupted and constant for everyone, not just millennials. But the important differences that publishers and marketers need to focus on are the mindset and consumption patterns. An important observation is 84 percent of millennials simply don’t trust traditional advertising. While the bigger players for their attention are YouTube, [...]

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