The Value of User Interface and Design Layout in platforms

April 30, 2018 AdPerfect has been serving the media and publishing industry for over 14 years. The knowledge gained from working alongside newspapers have resulted in tested and proven features within our platforms. Developing software is a dynamic cycle but there is one main component to consider before anything else - the user. Focus on [...]

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Data is the new Power Play

April 27, 2018 Today data is everywhere. All online interactions are being tracked and compiled and analyzed so users can get the best online experience possible. Here are some important statistics and trends to consider for 2018.  

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Strategies to turn your data into insights and revenue

April 24, 2018 The word data has become one of the buzz words in marketing and advertising. In the past, companies researched industry trends and used analysis by industry experts. Now, all departments play a role in collecting data about customer to help customize the online experience. This is mainly done by being intentional in [...]

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The Strong and Valuable Brands of 2017

April 10, 2018 When we think of a brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the logo. But branding is so much more. It takes years to develop with no guarantee if it will sustain itself. We have taken a moment to look at which brands are still strong and valuable in the [...]

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Grow your audience through strong digital branding

March 27, 2018 We have all heard the saying, the best things in life take hard work and time. This is no less true for branding. Although the digital world has made the speed in reaching and communicating information easy, branding develops and evolves over years and decades, instead of days or weeks. Building a [...]

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Top Online Search Statistics for 2018

March 19, 2018 Search engine optimization is now the big buzz word in marketing. Although it involves both technical and creative tactics to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines, it is also dependent user experiences. Here are some valuable statistics to keep in mind for 2018.  

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3 New ways to adapt for better Online Content Discovery

March 14, 2018 Just 5 years ago, mobile browsing barely had a presence in market share. Now the tables have turned, with mobile on top with 52% market share and desktop at 44%. What's more, 20% of all mobile searches is voice search. Not only that, about 4 billion devices will carry AI-powered voice assistants [...]

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The Power of Good Customer Service

March 8, 2018 Differentiation in a world of constant change and update is becoming harder and harder to define. Industry experts are signalling that price and quality are not enough. Take a moment to explore some key findings on the power of Customer Service, and how we believe it will shape the way we do [...]

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Recruiting the Right Classifieds Salespeople

February 23, 2018 For the success of any company sales teams make the difference between a good and bad reputation, as well as growth and loss. They are the first contact with a potential client and a valuable source on the needs and demands of customers. Beyond the obvious reasons and motivations for hiring a [...]

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Self-serve Portal Basics – Value and Benefits

February 19, 2018 AdPerfect is a Canadian-based software company that has been servicing the publishing technology industry since 2004. Our expertise stems from our deep understanding of the print and digital publishing demands and developing modern, intuitive self-service platforms. Our solutions that offer an enhanced self-serve portal include Classifieds, Obituaries, Celebrations and Employment. The rise [...]

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