Discover an improved and enhanced Classifieds platform

3 easy steps to a more effective and better Marketplace

With your online and print advertising revenue at stake, your business cannot risk a failed and prolonged system migration. AdPerfect can replace your current solution quickly and painlessly with minimal impact on your business operations.

AdPerfect has been an excellent partner in Classified self-serve web order entry. From set-up to training and support, our experience has been, and continues to be positive.– Amber Aldrich, Director of Sales, The Seattle Times

Switch from your current system to AdPerfect
in 3 easy steps:

  1. Plan – We review and examine the deliverables required to proceed with the implementation. At this stage, we collect your tearsheets, print mechanicals, rate cards, schedules, branding and other requirements we need to configure your new Self-Serve Order Entry and Marketplace.
  2. Implement – After completing all requirements, your Self-Serve Order Entry and Marketplace is now ready for set-up. We’ll share our best practices and provide you training on managing your ads, reports and basic configuration. Your admins will have full access to the system to assess workflows, perform end to end testing, and get familiarized with the system.
  3. Go Live – After the migration has come to an end, your Self-Serve Order Entry and Marketplace is now ready to Go Live. We’ll provide you with post migration support to ensure a smooth transition to AdPerfect.



Move to a better Marketplace with AdPerfect

  • More revenue opportunities from print and online upsells
  • With native support for mobile devices to align with your mobile strategy
  • Easy integration with any digital vertical
  • Engaging and user-friendly interface


Complete your platform upgrade with AdPerfect by January 31 and get your first month free!


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