May 11, 2018


No matter which way you look at it, advertising still holds a ton of potential. Be it print or digital, it is still one of the most effective ways to get your service or product in front of readers and users. The challenge becomes which advertising option will work best for your service or product. Take your time to consider the details for each advertising medium. This will affect the measurement and success of your project.


Compelling Messaging in Print

Although digital is the new hype in the advertising world, print still plays an important role in providing the story for your brand. Print advertising still has a personal impact on customers as people can touch and feel the ad, resembling an experience close to fine art. Not only that, but print advertising when used correctly and strategically can generate as much of a buzz as digital advertising.

Advertising aims to provide a direct emotional response, which call the reader and audience to action because they have identified with it. But triggering this emotional response has become a complex process. Humans have become the ultimate multitaskers, with less and less attention span. This is especially true for digital content, when every second something else grabs our focus and draws us to another option.  Not only that but when adopting digital advertising, one can never be quite sure if your message reached the audience at the right timing.

When it comes to print advertising, your message is situated in the most relevant editorial content because newspapers take the time and resources to work on the specific details of how information is consumed. Traditional print advertising is often more effective at driving business at a local level, which in turn eliminates the unnecessary strain from the online competition which casts a wider net for the same audience. What is more, print advertising conveys a sense of credibility and respectability compared to digital. Studies show that print and TV ads are still the most trusted sources of advertising channels.


It is also important to note that print does drive online search. Speak to your audience clearly through storytelling. Stir up some emotion that identifies your brand and helps it stand out. Make it easy for prospects to contact you and reach the information online, once they are engaged in print. Above all, make sure your advertisement is structured to generate qualified leads.

Effective Online Pages

Digital advertising has in many ways saved marketing and sales teams from a lot of legwork and waste of resources. Compared to print advertising, the reach opportunities are endless and the ability to have a good amount of control over who sees the ad, less money and resources are wasted. At the same time, digital advertising is served best when filtering and sorting options are properly configured within the search process.


Most advertisers either choose the horizontal model, where the website presents a range of categories, or the vertical model, where the website is centered on one main category. Some areas that do not have strong general classifieds, vertical platforms will fill the void. The option that you choose will depend on your local needs and demands. An important point to consider when formulating your model to reach advertisers, consider if someone was selling an old futon or services, their ad does not become a message in a bottle within the vast online classifieds sea. Be sure to offer features that include selecting prominent sponsored positions, as well as displaying more similar ads below ad content for continued browsing.

Compared to print, digital advertising is better at gathering useful market information as most systems, such as Google Analytics, offer additional information about user trends and referral successes. To grow the opportunities to generate market information, your online pages should integrate social media sharing and linking. Location maps can also be linked to the ad details, as well as offering directions and a simple click to call the business from a cell phone. This will offer advertisers important information that your online pages are helping to generate leads for them.

Tactics to Boost Advertising Share


Monitoring users and advertisers in print or in digital is becoming increasingly more complex. As technology is becoming smarter and offering constant engagement, users are browsing and exploring the digital world through several screens. This offers several profiles for one user that is harder to track. On the other hand, print products focuses on circulation through specific local locations and can also offer creative and original influence through touch and feel.

Although the situation might seem challenging for print and digital advertising, there are some specific actions that be considered throughout your pricing to website structure. This will improve and facilitate a process to pursue accounts that are inactive for more than 6 months, as well as promoting options from advertisers using competitors.

When it comes to online, always display your classifieds categories on top within the menu bar for easy navigation. It might not be a bad idea to position the sections above the news categories as it shows there is value for them to be seen first. Even if your current model is horizontal, it does not mean you cannot break out your categories into navigation items that leads to your classifieds site. It will add value to browsers looking for apartments for rent and having one classifieds link might be speak as loud as having a rentals link in the top-level.

Improving the discovery and growth of your advertising, also includes the specific action of adding the “Place an Ad” link or button in a contrasting color that draws attention. For better results, place the link in the top menu bar, where users can quickly spot it. Develop package rates for print and digital combinations that deliver value. Print ads will be priced higher because of the cost and resources needed for producing them. While digital ads need to be priced in such a way to be competitive and not diminishing the value of print. If your packages do not appeal to your advertiser, then make sure your online offering is pitched well to call them to action.