November 28, 2018

Celebrating the life of a family member or friend is the last parting gift we can offer. There are many ways to honor and celebrate, including private family events or spreading the ashes at sea with a boat party. Writing and sharing their life story with communities where they have lived through local newspapers is still chosen by many. Publishing obituaries online now provide many new options to bring more engagement and community connection.

Provide Prominent Positions Online

AdPerfect Obituaries has been working on newer ways for obituary stories to be shared online. There is a desire within local communities to be able to know the passing of dear friends and be able to share their thoughts and condolences. Not only does the homepage feature recent obituaries that have been placed and shared, but it also features individual notices on the top left corner.

This spotlight position is dedicated to families and friends to use as a way to inform everyone they know, that someone loved and cherished is no longer part of their community. This highlight box will display a photo, name, dates and the funeral home handling the passing and rotate all the local stories that chose to be displayed in this position. This helps to provide a quick snapshot of who, when and where the funeral will take place.

Support Events & Family Memories

As part of celebrating and commemorating the life of our family or friends that have passed away, online obituaries also announce events that have been organized. These events can be easily published online, alongside the obituary details and be used as a way to invite local friends and family that can attend. The event announcements include the event name, date and time, place and location address. For ones that cannot attend or will miss the date and time, can send flowers which will link to the funeral home address details from the obituary notice.

Family and friends can also grow the obituary story and expand on the celebration of life, by sharing photos and memories from the past. Guestbooks are not only used for expressing grief and condolences, but are also used to share the final memories via photos of family and friends gathered together at the funeral events. Photos, stories and favorite quotes are just examples of what people can share in guestbooks.

Display Online Forever

All online published obituaries can be easily searched and found through the top search bar and the advanced search option. The obituaries and in memoriams will stay online forever on the website for family and friends to update and continue to share. All published notices can be sorted and viewed from past weeks, months and years. Some of these will also be archived and always owned by the newspaper, as well as the funeral home or family member that submitted it.

Once shared online, obituaries become a way to commemorate and not forget the person that left a legacy behind through the life they lived. Every year a reminder email will be sent from the date the obituary was shared online, to also create an in memoriam of remembrance. Family and friends can continue to look back and recall the good memories. Each in memoriam notice will also allow for sending flowers to the family.