The celebrations solution for growing local online engagement


AdPerfect Celebrations is a dedicated platform to enable self-serve order entry of popular celebrations categories such as births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, congratulations, birthdays, good luck, thank you, achievements, christenings, and special occasions. The platform is a cloud-based and mobile responsive solution, allowing enhanced search capabilities, integration with social media, and display ad serving.

Increase your local engagement

AdPerfect Celebrations offers colourful features that highlight the nature of the category. Our solution allows easy access to all your newspaper announcements, and engages users to share their excitement.

  • Reach your audience through their preferred channel – desktop or mobile devices.
  • Provide additional engagement opportunities by offering guestbook messaging.
  • Allow family and friends to share the news and announcements on social media.

Offer fast online delivery with self-serve

The Celebrations self-serve provides support for print and digital announcements, multiple package capabilities, print and digital upsells, payment gateway, and integration with call centre software.

  • Direct flow from online to print.
  • Delivers camera-ready announcements.
  • Displays an accurate real-time print preview and cost, enabling users to revise content and control the cost of a celebration ad.
  • Eliminates the back-and-forth between newspapers and advertisers.
  • Reduce errors and missed deadlines.

Generate recurring digital revenue streams

AdPerfect Celebrations offers publishers and newspapers beneficial advertising revenue models and digital revenue sources from partnerships with local retailers.

  • With AdPerfect, you keep 100% of digital display ad revenue.
  • You control your local ads for higher CPM.
  • Earn new digital revenue from online commissions (i.e.: flowers).
  • Send email prompts to encourage advertisers to enhance the online version of their celebration ads.

Key capabilities and features

  • Self-serve order entry for your private party advertisers
  • Easy, fast order entry for call center admins
  • Online-to-print
  • Native support for mobile
  • Guestbook messaging
  • Social media sharing
  • Send flowers
  • Tasteful design and user-friendly interface