May 28, 2018


Buying a car used to be a long process and limited to going to one or two local car dealerships. Price comparison and having to see multiple options was non-existent – you only got what the dealer had to offer. With the rise of information technology, the process of buying a car offers more choice, benefits and provides more power to the buyer.


When considering classifieds, the car category seems to be a great fit as it requires less burden from the seller to reach a wider audience. At the same time, it offers ample opportunities for buyers to compare and gain negotiation power. The benefits offered for both sellers and buyers by using an online classifieds site improve the whole experience around buying a car.


With the rise of the internet and online advertising, the ad content needs to be clear and organized. Online car classifieds help to provide an easy way to research and learn what options are available depending on budget, car make, and features. Not only that, but now online ads feature 360 videos, more than 10 photos and even aerial shots that engage the buyer to consider one car over another.
top-online-activitiesWhen considering that people still take on average up to 3 months to research and decide on the car that they want, car classifieds ensures that the right information is available during this process. Price details are upfront, as well as model information and even brand articles and statistics right at the buyer’s fingertips. This provides a better transparent experience, which in turn also provide a way for car brands and dealers to step up their game.


All traditional advertising has been modernized and moved online, this is true for cars as well. When it comes to bigger item purchases, buyers are learning the importance of the big business strategy – research. Access to information online has provided many great opportunities to educate and provide convenience to buyers and sellers alike.

When consumers are time-pressed to make a purchasing decision, they look for transparency and efficiency, executed with intuitive systems that offer convenience. The seamless purchasing experience is here and modern platforms are allowing brands to play a more direct role in consumer journeys – before, during and after they moved from the digital jungle to dealerships.


From the comfort of their homes, buyers can ask questions, read reviews and comments, and easily browse through all car options available to them. Without the feeling of pressure, buyers can take their time making sure they have found the car they are looking for. Some classifieds sites go further to support the search process and offer daily or weekly email updates on the car model or prices, through search filters specified by users. Together with social media and online search engines, car classifieds offer ease of access to local dealerships while making sure the buyer is educated and ready to make their purchase.


According to recent research, there are an average of 24 touchpoints before someone buys a car and 19 of them are digital touchpoints. With one of the first touchpoints being a Google search, followed by watching YouTube videos and visiting brand sites via display ads targeted to the buyer experience online. Other touchpoints include reading professional and buyer reviews, using loan calculators, and going to a newspaper site to review their car classifieds. These all are vital pieces to putting together the big puzzle of gathering car intelligence online.


Car classifieds play a big role on the online search process as trusted sources of information, such as newspaper and third party sites, provide the confidence a buyer needs to make sure they are making the right choice. With so many options out there and constant car innovations, the instant connection with online information relieves the frustration that the buyer might be missing something or looking at false advertising. Car classifieds can provide details on all the car options that are available, the budget the buyer needs to be considering and where to buy the car that is closest to them.