August 10, 2018

Publishing any news or story online is always met with comments and sentiments by friends and strangers alike. Some stories go viral and all remain online for family, friends, acquaintances and others to marvel at. But when it comes to publishing obituaries online, the guestbook serves a deeper purpose than just comments. It helps to connect memories, share photos and bring the life story more depth.

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Connecting Families and Friends

AdPerfect Obituaries has updated the online guestbook to offer several ways to share memories alongside the obituary story. As part of the improved user experience, the guestbook is placed on the same page as the obituary story and provides more depth and insight about the deceased. This helps build a community with family and friends, and also provide a connection for anyone that reads the obituary story details.

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The guestbook also provides a way for people to impart their appreciation to the family for sharing the life story. Most obituaries impact readers to live a better life, to take consideration for their own actions and remember that their family cares for them. AdPerfect Obituaries offers guestbook sharing without an account requirement. Simply type in your name and share your thoughts and tribute with emblems, photo attachments and milestones with dates.

Real time monitoring of posts

When family is involved, the life story of a person has many facets. Online guestbooks help to unravel some of the hidden layers as those closest share many things. AdPerfect Obituaries monitors and manages all guestbook posts. With the use of pre-moderation, all submitted guestbook posts are queued in our platform to be approved. Most posts are evaluated within 20 minutes.

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Funeral homes or private parties that submit the obituary also can monitor the guestbook posts with their online account. They can delete any comments and posts that do not add to the life story of the deceased. AdPerfect Obituaries also allows for the obituary owner to invite specific family members and friends via their email, to share any memories and final farewell alongside the obituary.

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Keep a record

AdPerfect Obituaries was designed to make sure the family can keep a record of their story, after it is published online. With a simple click the family will get a printer preview of the obituary and all the guestbook posts. This allows for the family to have a way to go back and read all the great memories the deceased shared and lived. It can also be shared at the funeral service with family and friends.

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Funeral homes that own the obituary stories published online, can also take advantage of the print preview feature. It can be easily used with any browser and provides an easy way to prepare a funeral service package with the obituary story and guestbook details. With its modern and clean look, the preview also emphasizes the newspaper and funeral home logo.